Concord Historical Society​

Now some of you may not realize that here at the Lucy Bensley Genealogy Center, we are open 18 to 20 hours a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9am to 3pm and the second and fourth Sunday 2pm to 4pm. We will open any of the buildings by appointment as well. Be sure to stop down at the Lucy Bensley Center located at 23 North Buffalo Street, Springville, just a little over a block away from the rest of the campus.

Music played by some talented folks is still going during the winter months on every Thursday, 7pm to 9pm

The Mercantile and Heritage building are open every Saturday 10am to 2pm

The Museum and Carriage house are being set up with new displays and will be open this Spring!
 Did you know that you can view the old newspapers online here at the Lucy Bensley Center, for no charge. No time to stop by or for those who would like to do their research from home, well, click on this link and you can have it where ever you go!
( we get a % back for each subscriptions!)

Lucy Bensley Center
23 North Buffalo Street
Springville, New York 14141
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrusday
9am to 3pm
2nd & 4th Sunday
2pm to 4pm

Concord Mercantile Music
17 Franklin Street, 
Springville, New York 14141
Winter hours~ Saturdays
​10am to 2pm
7;00pm to 9pm

for more information

or email us at [email protected]


Warner Museum, Carriage House & Outbuildings
98 East Main Street

closed for winter
Or by appointment 
call 716-592-0094

Lucy Bensley Center

23 North Buffalo Street
Tuesday-Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM
2nd and 4th Sundays 2PM - 4 PM

Or by appointment 

[email protected]

The Lucy Bensley Genealogy Library has resources and information for those seeking their family histories.

The Concord Mercantile/ Heritage Building
17 Franklin Street 
(716) 592-5546

Winter hours January 1 thru March 31
Thursday  7pm-9pm (with music)
 Saturdays 10am-2pm